Equinox Film Festival

Our first ever Equinox Film Festival was held at Levity Mountain Barn, Manchester, VT. Alongside screenings, Equinox hosts community and social events for participants and guests, such as hikes, workshops, and talks designed to generate conversations beyond the screen. Our first year was an exciting dawn to the new-found community of impassioned individuals who are looking to share their stories of their environments. We can't wait to see those old friends and meet some new at next year's Equinox Film Festival. Stay tuned.


(for films between 0-5 mins)

Horizon Leap


We attune to the Forest's organic rhythm as moving through her roots and branches. The trees come to subtle motion, their pulse paces and we become capable of leaping the horizon's frontier. A soul's journey through the Forest towards the stars.


(for films between 5-15 mins)

Constant Thought


When the traditional methods of coping with trauma don’t work, what options do you have left? Brandon Kuehn, an Iraq War veteran, believes the best way to face a range of trauma is to reach for literal, physical summits and he isn’t alone. Outdoor therapy is a growing field that is helping people like Brandon who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. Constant Thought is an intimate portrayal of Brandon and his attempt to walk the 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. It also underscores how stress, of any kind, can be soothed by both using and preserving the lands Brandon fought to protect.


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Films between 0-5 mins

On the Cover

Horizon Leap (winner)

Films between 5-15 mins

Constant Thought (winner)

Eryngium Proteiflorum

Shrinking Sky


Couleur du Moment

Under the Whale

When Goats Fly