Voluntary Positions

We can house volunteers at one of our multiple locations for flexible periods of time. Volunteers need to be flexible, sensitive, humble, hard-working, inquisitive humans. To discuss volunteer opportunities please email info@ninthwaveglobal.com with the subject heading "Volunteer".



Internships with Ninth Wave come in all shapes and sizes, from positions working on single programmes in a particular place, to wide-ranging positions across locations, to specific job roles supporting social media, urban farming, creative endeavours, grant applications etc. To discuss opportunities, please email info@ninthwaveglobal.com with the subject heading "Internships".



We’re currently looking to expand our team of journey leaders and project staff with a view to delivering and extending the reach of our existing community, social and environmental programmes on both a local and international scale. We have no requirements in terms of qualifications, but have extensive requirements in terms of attitude, proactivity, inclusivity and getting out there and getting things done, with minimal or zero resources. Prospective applicants are invited to join the team on a journey (with subsidised contribution) for two weeks in order to support journey leaders while getting a sense of how we explore and operate, with a view to discussing a long-term role. We're accepting applications for journeys on the Hudson, Mississippi, Usumacinta and Amazon rivers — contact info@ninthwaveglobal.com for more information.



Teams of Ninth Wave expeditionaries undertake interdisciplinary journeys of slow, thoughtful exploration in remote and forgotten spaces all over the world. To find out more about opportunities to gain experience, pursue research interests and explore, send us an email at info@ninthwaveglobal.com.