"I'm incredibly happy and grateful for this opportunity. Working on turtle conservation projects with Ninth Wave was an experience I never thought would impact on me so strongly; it took me completely out of my comfort zone and made me realise that I have the opportunity to do something positive and give a little back for everything we get from our planet. In only a short period of time I learnt an immense amount."

Gabriella Cambranis (Mexico) - pharmacist


"I embarked with a backpack of clothes but left with so much more: I found an enticing peacefulness. Through our triumphs and hardships, conquered by teamwork, I learnt things about myself that I will carry forward with me throughout the rest of my life."

Kelsey Phillips (England) – student


"I can't express enough how beneficial these trips are to communities and participants involved!"

Mike Paro (USA) - artist


"Interning with Ninth Wave left me with some incredible and life-long memories. Each day brought with it a true sense of purpose, whether I was building furniture for the cultural center, communicating with excited expedition participants-to-be, photographing events, serving pizza at music nights, playing with local kids, or practicing Spanish. The team are infinitely supportive, enthusiastic, understanding, and daring. I came as a person who often lacked confidence in her own decisions and actions, and I left with a much greater sense of self and purpose, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Ninth Wave is no less empowering for its volunteers and employees than it is for its expedition participants and I would recommend the experience to anyone who’s ever wanted to find a place beyond the daily grind. Although no longer working with the organisation, it remains a vital part of who I am."

Anna Sand (USA) – sustainability and organics


"Great organisation!
Great people!
Great experience!
Great adventure!
Everyone should go for it! You won't regret it!
But be careful, it's highly addictive!!!"

Agata Pawlowska Gronkiewicz (Poland) – artist


"Ninth Wave was a guiding light to me. I stayed working with the team around 3 months, having at my disposal all the resources and walls to paint on but most importantly, I had the opportunity to explore what creativity and persistence are and why I never felt I have them as an artist (my background is digital painting and 3d). Here I had the space to build and follow my own rules and find out what diminishes my creative spark. Thanks for the magic!"

Teodora Lila (Bulgaria) – artist


"At Ninth Wave I found the ideas and characters that you can only come across when you decide to push beyond what you know. It's about getting involved with progressive ideals and making them real."

Edgar Michel (Mexico) - architect


"If Ninth Wave has done anything for me, it has shown me that the front row of a canoe is a great spot to see how much we have to gain from unlearning what we might already know as the right way to go about anything. From cultural stereotypes (paddle construction), how to connect with people and communities, what to eat, how to eat it, all the way to what is apparently appropriate footwear. Personally, through journeying with Ninth Wave, I found a new confidence within myself as well as a true example of the great kindness of strangers, and that sometimes you just have to open up a space for greatness and see what happens. Good or otherwise. It has changed my idea of how to travel, by getting more involved in the community and culture. There is a feeling of responsibility to make a positive impact, and to search for a real connection not just among travellers but with real ground level people. I heard about Ninth Wave two-and-a-half years ago, through my car stereo system whilst I was driving the streets of Perth in Western Australia. Now I'm back and I find myself thinking of trading my car for a canoe. I cannot wait to go again, and I just keep thinking of the lines by Hafiz: 'Stay close to anything that makes you feel alive.'"

Jacob Jones (Australia) – electrician & musician


Working with Ninth Wave has pushed me to explore new things and inspired me to find my passion.

Alee Gillis (USA) – environmental scientist


"I learnt how to let go and how to deal with anxiety. I also learnt a new way of thinking about problems which was super empowering and I've been using learned strategies in my everyday life now."

Hayley Fielding (Australia) – artist


"Volunteering with Ninth Wave has given me the space to have questions answered that I didn't even know I had. More than that, my experience is continuing to propel questions towards me that continue to push me forwards."

Millie Jeanne (England) - student